Why Spending Alone Time is Healthy

Maybe you’re an introvert and love time for yourself. Or maybe you’re an extrovert and have to go out everyday to hang with friends. Or maybe you’re an ambivert like me and are in between the two. However you describe yourself, we all need some time to ourselves everyday, even the most extroverted of extroverts. But what exactly are the benefits?

1. You can reflect on yourself and your actions

When you’re by yourself, you’re able to think more clearly and not be so focused on socializing with others. This time is quality time to think about what you’ve done for the past day, week, month, or even years. Reflect:

  • Is there a task you were supposed to complete but forgot to?
  • Are you satisfied with where you are?
  • Are there any changes you want or need to make?

The reflections can range in any category, from short term to long term, or job to friends, etc.

2. You can relax and do whatever you want to do

Think about it: going out means wearing real clothes and having to put in effort to look presentable. And you might think that none of the above applies if it’s just a sleepover with friends, and while you’re half right, there’s still some effort put into a night with besties. You got to make sure the food you’re sharing is liked by the both of you, your friend will probably do something with your room/house that annoys the crap out of you, and they’ll want to gossip all night when, let’s be real, you just want to binge watch The Flash (high key recommend to everyone who hasn’t seen it before).

Time alone is quality time to do your favorite hobbies. For me, it’s finding new music on Spotify, catching up on YouTube/homework, and writing new blog posts, all while wearing pajama pants and a university long sleeve. For you, maybe it’s trying out a new face mask that you don’t want to share because it was an expensive birthday present from your sister. Maybe it’s curating your outfit plan for the week with only 5 different pieces and not wanting anyone to know. Or maybe it’s baking your favorite cookies that you’re most definitely not sharing with anyone.

3. Only your opinion matters

Some of the above examples are included in this category like the one about cookies. However, the situation that I want to address the most under this pro is shopping. Most people will always go with either a friend or a parent. From my experience with malls, I rarely ever see someone shopping alone except for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing to do so.

Shopping on your own means the only opinion you have is yours. While some people like to have a partner to help them decide which pair of shoes to buy, it can be a good thing to make decisions for yourself. Your friend may like the heels better than the sandals, but do you really want to risk a twisted ankle?

4. It’s time to recharge your energy

After a long day of school, I find it hard to go to an after school sport and then to a team dinner afterwards. It can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. For those of you who routinely go to a parties on Friday nights or out to dinner with friends, try staying in for once. Order a big pizza for yourself, grab your favorite skincare products, and take a night off to recharge. The next day, you’ll experience a newfound energy! Go to sports practice, out for lunch, do whatever. You’ll feel so good and refreshed.

5. You’re more efficient

If I have a study hall or free in school and have a ton of work to do, I’ll usually go to the library and sit at my own little table without any distractions. It helps me get my work done so much quicker. Yes, I understand that most people will want to take that time to socialize with friends, but trust me: finishing your work early is such a stress reliever. And no, I’m not suggesting you ditch your friends and be anti-social. I’m just saying, if you find yourself with a ton of homework, try to tackle it on your own. Only you and your supplies (and maybe some earbuds if you’re like me).

Hopefully, you’ve gained some insight from this post on how solo time is healthy. I know it’s hard for some people to stay away from socializing and interacting with others, but I encourage every one of you to spend at least a few hours a week by yourself. Doesn’t matter if you’re doing homework, on your phone, watching a movie, whatever. Take some time off from all the social events you’ve got going on and have some me-time. I promise you’ll enjoy every minute of it.


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