January Favorites 2017

My first favorites post of the year and of the blog! Super excited! Here are some fashion, beauty, food, music, and random favorites of the month. Expect these posts to be a routine!


1. Adidas Superstar Sneakers


I know, I know, how basic of me, right? But I can’t help it! These are the most comfortable and stylish shoes I’ve ever worn. They can be dressed up, dressed down, anything! Since I’ve only had them for autumn and winter, I’ve only worn them with leggings and a sweater or something like that. If you’re in a warmer climate, they’d look amazing with a t-shirt dress or cropped leggings and t-shirt combo. It takes awhile to break into them, but after that, you’re good to go.

$80 at Urban Outfitters

2. Chaturanga Leggings


These leggings are so so so comfortable. What I really love about them is that they come in petite, regular, and long. Since I’m only 5’3″ and hate when leggings scrunch up at my ankles, the petite option is what really does it for me. They’re breathable and don’t itch at all, like some other leggings do.

$69 at Athleta


3. Tiger’s Eye Perfume


I received this for Christmas from one of my friends, Lauren. It’s musky, earthy, and woodsy with a tiny hint of vanilla. I’m so obsessed with it and it’s my new go-to. Also, one spritz will stay on your wrist for almost 2 days. First time I tried it was in Urban Outfitters on Black Friday. No joke, 2 showers later, the scent was still there on my wrist. It definitely wasn’t as strong as when I first spritzed it, but the fact that it lasted 2 washes makes it a promising fragrance. Another bonus: the price is so inexpensive!

$24 at Urban Outfitters

4. Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask


Avocado and oatmeal are the OTP in this face mask. It’s super quick and easy to use, drying in about 5 minutes, depending on how much product you apply. The smell is not dizzying at all, and your skin feels so tight, fresh, and renewed after.

$2.99 at Walgreens


5. Chocolate-Covered Açai and Blueberry Bites


Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and is so much healthier than milk chocolate. Though it’s more bitter, the blueberries help sweeten it up at the same time. It’s a perfect combination and makes a great snack to grab when you have sports practice or a club right after school.

$3.69 at Target


6. 90210 – Blackbear & G-Eazy

Honestly one of the best songs I’ve ever listened to. Super chill and with a beat and makes you nod along.

7. pink skies – LANY

This is the perfect song to listen to while on the plane. Every time I listen to it, I have a huge urge to travel somewhere.

8. Paris – The Chainsmokers

Best song to listen to while doing homework. Love the beat and instrumental.


9. Matte Black and Rose Gold iPhone 7 Case


I finally got a new phone this month after owning the iPhone 5s for 2.5 years and purchased this case. It’s so chic, slick, and the colors compliment each other perfectly. Rose gold is the perfect accent to matte black. The case is super easy to put on and wraps onto the front a little bit, so if you place your phone face down on a table, the screen won’t touch the surface.

$13.99 at Amazon (available in other colors too)

10. Polar Water Bottle


Fun fact: I haven’t used a plastic water bottle in 3 years. I really encourage those of you who buy bottled water from school to invest in a reusable water bottle. Think about it: you probably spend $1 a day on bottled water, but if you have a reusable one, that’s like $10! Also, it’s you’re doing good for the environment. This one isn’t the cutest, but I like it because I can drink from it with only one hand. Make a difference in the world and save money by buying a reusable bottle!

$11.47 and free shipping at Amazon (available in tons of other prints!)

Well that concludes my January favorites! This month has gone by at a pretty moderate speed, but it’ll always be the month I finally started a blog 🙂 There’s been so much work in school, and the school year has really been dragging. Good luck to all of us in February!


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