Skincare Routine – Winter 2017

This is kind of a filler post since I’ve been pretty busy with schoolwork lately, but still something that I’d love to share with you all! The first part will be what I use every night, and then I’ll include some other products that I use about 1-2 times a week. My routine is pretty simple and short, but tune in to the tips and tricks I have to share! Let’s get beautifying!!

Winter Skincare Routine

1. Face Wash

First thing I do everyday is use my face wash to cleanse off all the dirt and oil that has built up on my face throughout the day or night. For awhile, I’d been struggling so much with finding the perfect face wash for me that wasn’t too harsh on my skin. My skin is a mix between sensitive and combination skin. I’ll get an oily t-zone and will break out really easily if something bad touches my skin or if I eat a lot of junk food.


What I like to do is start out by wetting my face with warm water to open up my pores. Then, I pump my cleanser into hands, rub them together to get the bubbles going, and begin to cleanse my face, using circular motions. The time I spend rubbing my face wash onto my face takes between 2-5 minutes.

Next, I rinse off everything with warm water to make sure all the gunk from the day is really getting out of my pores. After my face feels clean, I switch to washing with cold water to close up my pores. Cold water also makes my skin feel tight, refreshed, and energized.

2. Moisturizer



Of course, after cleansing your skin, natural oils always get stripped off. It’s so so so important to make sure to moisturize after cleansing any part of your body, especially in the dry winter months. Plus, if you’re going to put on makeup, it’s always nice to not have any flaky skin, right?  Otherwise, your foundation, concealer, whatever you use, will look kind of rough.

Remember to make sure your moisturizer has SPF in it! Doesn’t matter if it’s winter, cloudy, or raining outside. Make. Sure. To have. SPF! Dermatologists usually recommend anything SPF 15 or higher for adequate protection. Prevent the onset of skin cancer whenever you can!



At night, I usually use a lighter moisturizer without SPF, just because I’m sleeping and not going outside. I don’t use any face or eye creams or anything, but occasionally, I’ll use a serum, which I received as my free birthday gift from Sephora!

3. Vaseline


I apply vaseline to my lips every night, whether it’s summer or winter. Wearing lip balm during the day annoys me since it’s so hard to eat, so I pile that stuff on at night, when all I’m doing is sleeping. Another moisturizing product for the harsh and dry season of winter!

So that’s my routine that I go through every morning and night. Super short and simple right? Now here are some products I use a couple of times a week!

4. Face Mask


I mentioned this product as a skincare favorite in my January Favorites 2017, and I apply it 2 nights a week. Clay masks are great for any issues with acne or breakouts. Once the mask dries, usually about 10 minutes, it’ll harden a ton, your face gets all tight, and you can’t move it at all. That’s when you know the mask is doing its job and pulling the dirt from your pores.

If you’re on a tight schedule or maybe on a plane, use a sheet mask so you don’t have to do any rinsing after. Make sure it contains some moisturizing ingredients though! We don’t want to have dry skin, now do we?

5. Exfoliator


Exfoliating is super important for getting the dead skin off of your face. I’ll exfoliate 2 nights a week, but not on the nights when I use my face mask. Like I do with my daily cleanser, I wet my face with warm water, scrub with the exfoliator, rinse off with warm water, and finish with cold water.

Make sure to not scrub too harshly, or you’ll risk scrubbing off soft and healthy skin. I once heard from someone, you’re washing your face, not a public bathroom floor!

6. Whitehead/Blackhead Nose Strips


Another occasionally-used product: pore strips for my nose. I apply these once a week, since they tend to be a little more harsh than an exfoliator or face mask.

Pore strips are so fun to use and help me a ton with removing whiteheads and blackheads off of my nose. You can get them at drugstores, Sephora, anywhere really, all for a very reasonable and cheap price. The ones I use aren’t charcoal, but are white ones. However, I really want to try charcoal strips so I can see all the whiteheads that get pulled out!

So there you have it! My winter skincare routine! I hope you guys have discovered some products worth trying out or have learned something new. I’m thinking of doing a post on tips for healthy skin. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!


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