Life is a Balancing Act

I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for awhile now, but not going to lie, I wasn’t feeling the energy to do it. Starting something new is always the hardest part isn’t it? Now, I’m finally starting this post, so hopefully I’ll feel some motivation to continue it if I take a break in between.

Key to Life: Stay Balanced

On to the topic at hand: balance. Through all my experiences and ups and downs in life, this is the biggest message I’ve learned, and trust me, I probably learned it the hardest way possible. If someone asked me for the best piece of advice I could give, I’d tell them to stay balanced. In my opinion, it’s the key to being happy and successful in life.

Before I really understood the importance of the word “balance”, I didn’t have a favorite animal. But I hold this word so closely to heart, that my favorite animal now is a flamingo (by the way, I hate when they aren’t an option in BuzzFeed quizzes). My favorite necklace is even a flamingo on one leg.

Real Life Applications

So what do I mean by all of this? It’s hard to give just one overall example, but let me apply this concept to things/people in our daily lives.

First, let’s take our social lives. On one hand, sleepovers, parties, dances, all that stuff is fun, but I’ve said this so many times: take time off for yourself. Even the most extroverted of us can get energy-drained. This is the main reason why I consider myself an ambivert. It’s good to balance going-out time with alone time.

We also see this balance of school and extracurriculars, a.k.a. one of the things I struggle with the most. Especially for high schoolers, the homework load can get really heavy sometimes, and add 3 hours of after-school sports to mix? Hello, endless nights of staying up until 1 AM. A lot of school work = not a lot of time for extracurriculars. But a lot of extracurriculars = less time for school work = not-as-great grades. Also, too much school work + too many extracurriculars = one tired teenager with under-eye circles bigger than Kanye’s ego.

More Examples

It’s not just our social lives and educational lives, but we can see this theme of balance in other things too:

  • Food
    • Too much = food coma, higher blood pressure, etc.
    • Too little = decrease in energy, slowing down of human body systems
  • Sleep
    • Too much = weight irregularity, risk of heart disease + shorter life
    • Too little = inability to think straight, moodiness, headaches
  • Exercise
    • Too much = higher risk of injuries, no time to rest
    • Too little = lower muscle mass, unhealthy heart

Even things that we normally wouldn’t think of having too much/little to be possible:

  • Awareness
    • Too much = over-cautious, knowing too much
    • Too little = cluelessness
  • Fruit/Vegetables
    • Too much = hard on digestive system b/c of fiber
    • Too little = unhealthy heart, lack of antioxidant + vitamins
  • Friends
    • Too much = having to choose who to hang out with
    • Too little = no variety of advice, too few people available to talk to


So what’s my point? What I’m really trying to communicate is, it’s extremely important to balance out the different aspects of your life. Don’t do too much of this and not enough of that.

As students and people with busy lives, I understand that it’s hard to do so, trust me. But once in awhile, take time to pause, think about what you’re doing, and ask yourself if you feel imbalanced with anything going on. Make adjustments and really play around with what makes you feel satisfied. It’s different for everyone!

Now, go live your new and balanced life!


3 thoughts on “Life is a Balancing Act

  1. I totally agree. Isn’t everything in nature (not just in life) a balancing act? Too much CO2 causes global warming, and global warming causes plants to grow faster, which in turn absorbs the extra CO2. The higher a mountain grows, the fiercer the erosion becomes, which in turn makes the mountain lower.

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