February + March Favorites 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Monthly favorites time! When February ended, I hadn’t realized that I had yet to do a monthly favorites until almost 2 weeks of March had already gone by. That’s completely my fault! Instead, I’m combining the two months into the same post. However, there will, unfortunately, still only be 10 favorites.

Side note because I just want to mention: it’s April 1st and IT’S SNOWING. Why can’t New England just have spring already? I’m itching to bring out my spring and summer clothes! I remember last year, this exact day, I’d went out for an after-dinner walk with my dad, wearing a raincoat and cropped leggings. That’s how warm it was!

Let’s hope this’ll be the last snow of the season, but in the meantime, let’s get on to my February + March 2017 Favorites!


1. Clean & Clear® – Acne Spot Treatment


Not going to lie, my diet wasn’t the greatest in February and March. I ate a lot of chips and couldn’t feel satisfied for dinner without having a dessert afterwards. As a result of this, my face, particularly my forehead, started having many breakouts. It was NOT a pretty sight to see.

This acne spot treatment has salicylic acid in it, which is my favorite topical treatment to help fight pimples. I find it to work faster than benzoyl peroxide, thought benzoyl peroxide is a nonetheless a great option.

After washing my face and moisturizing, avoiding any big breakouts I have, I use just a tiny bit on my ring finger and dab it onto my breakouts. After a couple of nights of doing this and NO PICKING OR TOUCHING, my zits always reduce to a quarter of the size.

$5.99 at Target

2. e.l.f. Cosmetics – Flawless Concealer Brush


As mentioned above, I’ve been breaking out more lately, due to eating a lot of junk food. When I go out or to school, I’m not the most confident with having a huge zit on my forehead, so I like to use this concealer brush to help cover up any flaming redness. It doesn’t leave any streaks, and it’s so affordable.

$2.99 at Target

3. Maybelline – Fit Me Concealer


The actual concealer than I use is this one from Maybelline. It’s like a dupe for the NARS’ Radiant Creamy Concealer. Very lightweight and breathable, doesn’t look caked, and perfect to cover up blemishes. However, I don’t quite recommend it for undereye concealing, as it doesn’t have any brightening effects.

$4.89 at Target


4. Forever 21® – Gold Flamingo Necklace


As mentioned in my Life is a Balancing Act post, my favorite animals are flamingoes because they’re always balanced. When I went to Newbury St during February Break, I picked up this necklace from Forever 21. Any time I’m looking for some kind of simple necklace to spice up an outfit, I always go for this one.

$3.90 at Forever 21

5. Aeropostale – 3-Pack Moon Rings


I’ve been having an obsession with rings lately, and these 2 are my favorite ones that I’ve bought so far. Unfortunately, I have to go back and exchange them, since the third ring snapped in half.

$13 at Aeropostale


6. Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Crisps


These aren’t quite the healthiest dessert to have, but hey, at least it’s dark chocolate instead of milk, right? Not too sweet or bitter, and the little hint of salt from the pretzels compliments the chocolate perfectly. I got a jumbo bag at Costco when it was on sale, but you can really get them from anywhere.

$3.99 at Target

7. Salad from sweetgreen®


This is also from when I went to Newbury St and had sweetgreen® for lunch. Their menu has so many different options, from their greens to their dressings. I like to think of their bowls as a healthy way to indulge. It’s that good! Let me know if you guys want a post where I tell you all my favorite things to order at different restaurants 🙂


8. Khalid – 8TEEN

You might know Khalid from his song Location, but he recently dropped his album American Teen. After listening to all the songs, 8TEEN was my favorite. It’s very vibe-y but still has a beat.

9. Lostboycrow – Stay a Little Longer

While the title of the song might give off the impression that it’s a slow, heartfelt, soppy, romantic song, it’s actually the complete opposite. It’s so upbeat, I added it to my gym playlist. Stay a Little Longer is one of those songs that’s so catchy, and you won’t be able to stop humming it!


10. Making Lists

This is such a random favorite, but making lists has been a huge hobby of mine lately. I’ve made packing lists for my upcoming trip to China, planned our itinerary, and jotted down what to get for all my friends. Furthermore, since I just want spring already, I’ve listed what I want to buy for spring. And even though it’s already April of 2017, I keep updating my list of goals for myself and what I’ve achieved. I don’t know about you, but listing things down is like therapy for me.

These past 2 months have been quite uneventful in terms of life, but really busy in terms of school. Hopefully, with April’s trip to China, I’ll have some new and exciting monthly favorites along with super cool pictures to share. Here’s to spring!


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