Photo Diary: Adventures through China – April 2017

Hello everybody! It’s been awhile, and I apologize a ton for that. School, finals, and projects, you know?

I thought I’d do a simple blog post again today, just to get something fresh up. Before April Break, I’d promised a post on my trip to China, and 2 weeks later, it’s finally here!


We (my mom and I) started out in Shanghai, arriving there around 9:30pm on 4/14, a.k.a. 9:30am here in Massachusetts. Our flight was delayed 2.5 hours so by the time we arrived to our hotel, the Howard Johnson Plaza, on Nanjing Lu, it was already 11:30pm. It was already 1am when we went to bed and trust me, a 14 hour flight with no sleep for more than 24 hours is exhausting.

Unfortunately, our only full day there was Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, we took a high speed train to Hangzhou.


As soon as we arrived to our hotel around 5pm, we headed out for a light dinner of dim sum. It was so delicious! I highly recommended shrimp dumplings. They’re a classic.

Hangzhou was where all the nature-y things took place. The West Lake here was so gorgeous and peaceful. My mom and I walked on a causeway across the lake which took about 40 minutes. There were also a ton of pagodas and temples.

On Tuesday morning, we took a 5 hour high speed from Hangzhou to Wuhan, my mom’s hometown.

This was my fifth time visiting Wuhan, and every time, I see a ton of big changes. My aunt moved to a nicer apartment in the CBD of the city, and I think like 3 or 4 new metro lines had also opened.

The first few days were just my mom catching up with her parents and taking care of them. Finally, on Thursday, one of my aunts took us shopping, and I got a bunch of gifts for my friends. If you come to China, I highly recommend you got 2 stores: Miniso and Sanfu. They’re both chain stores and have the cutest yet very affordable things ever.

I also got my nails done with gel polish for only $20! Everything is soooo cheap here! (I apologizer how dry and gross my cuticles are, please ignore). In addition, we went to a foot massage and spa place. For only $15, I received a foot soak, an upper body massage, and got my feet cupped! On Friday, we went biking around the East Lake.

My all-time favorite wall
Shopping on Jianghan Lu

On Saturday, my aunt with the new apartment took us shopping again and we had even more dim sum for dinner. Can you tell I’m obsessed?

Finally, Sunday came back around, and it was time for my mom and I to say goodbye. We boarded our third high speed train of the trip at 9:15am and arrived in Beijing at 3:30pm. Luckily, our hotel, the Crowne Plaza, was right on Wanfujing Lu (the biggest shopping street of Beijing), so we were able to squeeze in more tourist-y things before leaving the next morning.

Once again, we had dim sum for dinner (per my request). Monday morning, we boarded an airport shuttle, and sadly, it was off to the airport for us 😦

Out of all the places my mom and I visited in China, I think Beijing was my favorite, even if we were only there for 18 hours. Of course it’s a tourist trap, but I kind of like places like that. People from all over the world come to visit the same street. It’s kind of like everyone’s bonding over the same thing. In Chinese, it’s called 热闹 (rè nào). There’s no literal English translation, but it’s that feeling you get when everybody is together and everything is peaceful.

I’d also like to mention that Beijing was my favorite, partially because of that picture up there of my mom and I holding up our drinks. That shot was on my first try! And, when I edited the picture, it looked perfect on the first try! I’m so weird help 😛

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini diary of my adventures as much as I enjoyed my trip there! A lot of these photos are unedited, but I kind of like the raw look (I also didn’t have time to edit). After I got back, it took a full week to get back used to Boston time. As much as I’d rather be traveling than studying for finals, I’ve got a trip to Europe waiting for me after school’s out. See you in my next post!


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