Europe Bucketlist – Summer 2017

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“Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go” – Unknown

Having just posted my bucketlist for summer 2017, I’m feeling super determined to do everything. My family and I leave for Europe very soon, so what better to do than make an itinerary for myself? Well, not necessarily an itinerary, but more like a compilation of goals. I hope that from this list, you all will be inspired to generate your own Europe bucketlist for when you visit. And let me know if you’ve completed any of these already and have more tips!


1. Relax at Blue Lagoon – Our flight stops in Reykjavik in the early morning, and our next flight doesn’t leave until the evening. Instead of sitting in uncomfortable airport chairs, why not take advantage of our time and hit up the beautiful Blue Lagoon? I’d love to relax in a hot spring as a break from flying.


Credit: BusTravel Iceland

Paris, France

2. Get lost in the streets – First up when we land in continental Europe is the lovely, beautiful city of Paris. Here’s the thing: usually, I have a carefully planned out schedule and stick to it. When it comes to traveling however, I love stopping in the middle of a crowded spot and just wandering around from there. No map, no plan, nothing.


Credit: World of Wanderlust

3. Take a picture with the Eiffel Tower in the background – I’m kind of really terrible when it comes to taking photographs, so we’ll see if it turns out as artsy as any of these:


Credit for all 4: Ohh Couture (I love Leonie so much; she is an amazing traveler and the inspiration for all my wanderlust, just wanted to mention that)

4. Eat authentic macarons – Macarons are one of my favorite desserts, right up there with cheesecake. I’ve gotten frozen macarons from Costco before, but I’ve never really tried any exquisite ones straight out of a pastry shop in Paris. Ladurėe or Pierre Hermé, anyone?


Credit: Jacqueline Wens

5. Shop on the Champs-Élysées – When my parents and I (without my sister) toured Paris 3 years ago, we walked along the long road and stopped by some stores. Since it’s been a good amount of time since then, I don’t remember anything too well. This is more of something that I just want to re-experience.


Credit: Unknown

6. Buy cheese from a Parisian street market – This past Sunday, I had a piano concert, and at the reception, my mom and I were chatting with another family who had lived in Paris for 2 years. We asked for a list of must-dos in Paris, and they told us we had to try the Camembert cheese there. They also mentioned that there are markets on almost every street, so it won’t be hard to find some. Personally, Brie is my favorite while my dad loves cottage and goat cheese (which I just cannot understand, no offense).


Credit: Culture Cheese News

Brussels, Belgium

7. Make my own Belgian chocolate – After Paris, we head to Brussels, and the only thing I can think of is chocolate. I’d love to take a chocolate making class and make chocolate truffles with my own favorite fillings. I’ve also heard that Belgian chocolate is richer in cocoa and more like dark chocolate, which is perfect since my parents and I all prefer dark over milk.


Credit: The Belgian Chocolate Factory

8. Try Belgian waffles – Is it weird that I hate eating waffles with a fork and knife and would much rather eat it as street food like they do in Belgium? Well either way, I can’t wait to have some original waffles there with a bunch of toppings.


Credit: Backroads Blog

Amsterdam, Netherlands

9. Ride a bike through the streets of Amsterdam – The last stop on our trip is Amsterdam, home of the extremely popular bench from The Fault in Our Stars. Anytime someone mentions Amsterdam, I think of bikes and bridges and canals. I can’t wait to rent a bike and ride it through every corner or the city. And, speaking of canals…


Credit: The Outlook

10. Take a boat cruise through a canal – When we were in Italy a few years ago, we never got the chance to visit Venice and ride a gondola. Even though Amsterdam isn’t really comparable to Venice, I’d still love to be able to hop in a boat and cruise through one of their many canals.


Credit: Pursuitist

I just wanted to thank you all for being so sweet and supportive lately! Wherever you’re traveling to this summer, whether it’s international, national, or to your own couch, I hope you all have an amazing time. Relax, take lots of pictures, and make lots of memories!

Happy traveling,
❀ Anissa ❀


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