Photo Diary: Brussels – June 2017

Quote of the Post:
“To travel is to take a journey into yourself” – Danny Kaye

Hey again! I’m back today with part 2 of my Europe travel diary. This time, we’re headed for Brussels!

Brussels was my favorite city out of the 3 we stopped at. The people were so friendly, everything was within walking distance, it was clean, and the environment was just amazing.


As soon as our train arrived from Paris, we headed straight for the Grand Place. Luckily for us, our hotel (more like an apartment) was less than a 5 minute walk away.

Right in the center of the huge square were a bunch of stalls full of cheese, fruit, and pastries. There were also stalls for jewelry, antiques, perfume, everything! It was amazing.


Every street had some kind of Belgian waffle shop with a ton of appetizing waffles in the front windows. My dad even saw someone steal a waffle from the display of a store. I bought myself a Brussels-style waffle with chocolate and strawberries. Honestly, I didn’t like it that much. The chocolate was overpowering and made the waffle really soggy and gross. The waffle on the other hand, was way too thick for my liking. Maybe I got the wrong toppings but it wasn’t too enjoyable for me.


The next morning, we walked to the Royal Palace of Brussels, just to see the outside. There weren’t too many people there actually.


On the way back, we stopped by Pierre Marcolini, a chocolate shop in Brussels, known for it’s well-crafted Belgian chocolate. The store was so cute and chic on the outside. We picked up a box of dark chocolate squares for ourselves and I bought some chocolate sticks for my friends back home.


The last foodie thing I did was try some Belgian fries from a popular-looking fry shop by our apartment. Word of advice: get a sauce to top it off. I got mine plain to keep the cost down, but when I tried fries in the next city we went to, I ordered my fries with curry sauce and it made them so much better.

Belgian fries are known for being thicker cut than American fries. Because of this, they tend to be drier and are meant for being paired with a sauce.


Finally in the afternoon of our only full day in Brussels, my mom and I went to a big shopping street (also!) by our hotel.

As you can tell, we pretty much walked every where in Brussels, never taking any public transport. That’s what I love about the city: it’s a small, picturesque place with hidden gems. But at the same time, it’s still bustling with tourists and locals. Everyone is very friendly and relaxed, much different from what Paris was like. Stay tuned for the last part of the photo diary!

Happy traveling,
❀ Anissa ❀


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