Photo Diary: Amsterdam – July 2017

Quote of the Post:
“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

Hey guys! I’m back again with part 3 of my Europe travel diary, the final piece! This excursion was such an adventure for me, and I’m so grateful that I was able to experience all that I did. Stay tuned for a recap of what I was able to check off of my Europe Bucketlist!


We walked over to Dam Square and toured through the Royal Palace of Amsterdam.


It was so cold outside (~65°F) so we decided to finally do the most European thing ever: sit in a cute cafe and have a hot cup of coffee. I ordered my first ever cappuccino and think I’m in love now. It’s my new go-to!

The next day we wandered the streets more. Here I am in a cheese museum pretending to eat a giant wheel of cheese! We also took a boat cruise through the many canals of Amsterdam.

On the 3rd day, we visited the Van Gogh museum in the morning and the giant Albert Cuyp Market in the afternoon. The street food there is amazing. Plenty of stroopwafels, Belgian waffles and frites, and Middle Eastern food.

On the way back to our apartment, we came across the Heineken Experience Museum. We wanted to go inside but the line outside was too long for us.

IMG_2234IMG_2235By our 4th day, we had run out of things to do. We had heard that the Anne Frank House line was 3 hours long and waiting in lines isn’t really my family’s forte.

We walked 30 minutes over to the library and NEMO museum to try and get a view of the entire city. Unfortunately, their location was way in the northern part by Amsterdam Centraal so we couldn’t really see much.

Lunch, on the other hand, was delicious. We sat down for dim sum at this beautiful, floating Hong Kong restaurant. I had expected a big wait to get in but luckily, the crowds were nowhere to be seen.


In the afternoon, we just went shopping on some of the many shopping streets by Dam Square. I have to say, Pull & Bear might be my new favorite European store. Also, Rituals… is really good too! Check them out!

The rest of our time way spent just wandering the streets, having coffee, shopping, a lot of non-touristy things. We were trying our best to live like a local. When we got to the airport, before we walked in, my mom and I went outside to take pictures of the giant “I AMsterdam” sign.

Europe was such a beautiful and engaging experience! It will always be my favorite continent. Though I loved the cities we visited this time, Rome will forever be my ultimate favorite.

Now, it’s time to recap my bucketlist!

X Relax at Blue Lagoon – it was so cold and rainy there, we decided not to go to the hot springs. Maybe another time!
Get lost in the streets of Paris – This happened plenty of times and I was totally fine with it. I love wandering around and not knowing where I am!
X Take a picture with the Eiffel Tower in the background – I mean, I got pictures of the tower, but no cute ones like I had mentioned in my blog post.
Eat authentic macarons – As mentioned in the Paris Photo Diary, my mom and I shared Ladurée macarons at the Palace of Versailles!
Shop on the Champs-Élysées – We shopped, but we didn’t buy. Still counts though, right?
X Buy cheese from a Parisian street market – Trust me, there were plenty of times I wanted to get some cheese, but in the end we figured that a whole block of cheese was way too much for just 5 days.
X Make my own Belgian chocolate – I didn’t get to make any, but I’m still happy because I bought plenty!
Try Belgian waffles – I did and I didn’t enjoy it too much.
X Ride a bike through the streets of Amsterdam – I was kind of scared because I didn’t know any hand signals for biking and had no idea how to navigate the roads on a bike. It was just easier if we walked!
Take a boat cruise through a canal – Done and done!

Total: 5/10. I’d say that’s pretty good!

I hope you’ve all gained some wanderlust after viewing my past 2 blog posts and this one!

Happy traveling,
❀ Anissa ❀


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